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TechBox Mini HD

TechBox Mini HD

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*PLEASE NOTE: This product only works with vehicles that have factory Apple CarPlay apart from BMW Vehicles

 Streaming YouTube & Netflix
✔ Wireless Mirror Link
 Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto to experience wireless freedom
HDMI to link with rear seat entertainment systems
Plug and Play - Connect via USB and requires zero installation or coding!

No touch screen? No Problem!

Our wireless remote is very handy if your Apple CarPlay is not a touchscreen. Simply connect the wireless remote controller to control the T-Box Mini HD. Equipped with a mini keyboard on the back to help type long addresses/sentences more conveniently.


  1. OS : Android 11.0
  2. Works ONLY for vehicles with original carplay system.
  3. Wireless Apple CarPlay
  4. Wireless Android Auto
  5. Wireless Mirroring link
  6. YouTube/Netflix APP
  7. Controlled by OEM touch function, or OEM controller, buttons.
  8. Support the high resolution same as original image quality.
  9. No need to install as it is connect via USB port.

Package List

  1. TechBox Mini HD
  2. TYPE-C to USB Cable
  3. TYPE-C to TYPE-C Cable
  4. HDMI cable
  5. User manual
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  • Step 1

    Connect the TechBox Mini HD to your car's CarPlay/Android Auto-enabled USB port, using the provided cable.

  • Step 2

    Select your preferred WIFI source such as mobile hotspot. This is only necessary for the very first setup.

  • Wireless Carplay Adapter, TechBox Mini HD, TECH PLUG

    Step 3

    Your all set up! You can now use our pre-downloaded apps to start streaming!

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techbox mini hd

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work on iPhone & Android?

Yes, our TechBox Mini HD product works great with both iPhone & Android. We simply use the CarPlay channel to allow our device to function so even if you have an Android phone, you'll still click into CarPlay from your display screen.

Do videos play in motion?

Yes, it'll work while in motion, but for safety and legal reasons you should only use TechBox Mini HD while the vehicle is parked in a safe location.

**Do Not Use While The Vehicle Is Being Driven**

Does it come with any warranty

Yes! All of our products come with 1 year support warranty!

How does the TechBox Mini HD connect to Netflix/Youtube

Our TechBox Mini HD connects to the internet via WIFI. Simply turn your mobile phone personal hotspot on and connect to our box!